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Industry Leaders

Coptercraft have been at the forefront of the multi-rotor drone revolution since day one. Flying close to the cutting edge of current technological limits we offer unique custom multi-rotor platforms. Not only do we sell these ready to fly systems, we design, build and fly them. Supplying and supporting customers around the globe.

Ready to Fly

We provide ready to fly aircraft. All that is required to complete is literally the pilot. The aircraft are delivered after being meticulously designed, built, setup and test flown. This includes a minimum of 4 hours in the air, where all aircraft systems and features are tested in real world conditions. Quality control is paramount in this industry.


We take safety as our number one priority. This is achieved in two ways. We build upon correct building techniques and extensive quality control procedures by offering a number of optional secondary safety systems. These include ballistic parachutes, dual autopilots, power distribution redundancy and transponders to aid operations in congested areas.

Aerial Photography

Coptercraft provides three distinct multi-rotor aircraft, to cater for all needs, this is supplemented by our bespoke build service. This means we are able to offer a platform for all possible scenarios. Our AP rigs can lift cameras up to and including the Epic, Sony F55, C500, Arri Alexa. Footage is rock solid from the stabilised MoVI M5, M10 and M15 camera gimbals.  This can be transmitted in HD to the groundstation for the DOP.

Industrial Applications

We have seen a distinct emergence of the industrial sector in the RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft system) industry as a whole. This can be as diverse as monitoring crops and railway junction inspection to aerial LiDAR (laser scanning) and Hazmat first responders. Coptercraft is currently working with Easyjet to produce autonomous drones to inspect damaged passenger jets.

State of the Art

It is not merely enough to hand pick the best in class components. Here at Coptercraft we also base our selections on real world experience, compatibility with other components, redundancy and safety. Components are tested extensively before and after being installed on all aircraft. We have now arrived at a best in class specification for all of our aircraft. They are a force to be reckoned with, and unrivaled in the industry.

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"Coptercraft helped BuzzView not only in building two excellent bespoke hybrid platforms, but also in providing sound, professional guidance, especially during our early conceptual stages. They're always ready to offer help and they work extremely hard to develop a close working relationship with their customers. Their support has been invaluable."

− Flight Training Systems

"Operating in a challenging environment Coptercraft displayed a high level of skill under a high degree of technical and time pressure, flying safely with exceptional proficiency. EasyJet are enjoying a continued professional relationship as we develop the concept."

− EasyJet

"I've been working with Coptercraft for the last 2 and a half years, helping me start and build my company. I couldn't have got to where I am in the industry without them"

− Camera Co