Photogrammetry is the science of creating 3D maps from 2D photographs. As you would expect, the advent of the consumer level Unmanned Aerial Vehicle has made this process more cost effective. There are many techniques in processing the data in order to form the final image. Commercial software is available in order to generate these maps. Using a drone for mapping is ideal when quick deployment and frequent runs are required.


Photogrammetry Rendering From Just 5 images


We are able to provide high endurance aircraft, that can autonomously map set regions. Both the DJI Wookong M Waypoint (multicopter), or Ace One Waypoint (helicopter) autopilot systems include as standard photogrammetry tools to conduct aerial surveys. Any number of our fixed wing, rotary or multi-rotor systems can be used for this purpose. Deciding factors include the availability of a runway, local atmospheric conditions, ease of access and how much land is to be covered. Our systems are able to take control of the camera as well, directing its position and taking the required images independently of external control.